Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS)


Skill Enhancement Leading to Employment in Contemporary Technologies (SELECT) Program

COMSATS has initiated a training Program titled ‘Skill Enhancement Leading to Employment in Contemporary Technologies (Select) using the Iqrasity Learning Management System (LMS). It will comprise of extended bootcamps leading to international information technology (IT) certification courses that are globally in high demand for employability world across. The program carries multifold benefits including fetching high value employability, earning for foreign exchange and import substitution just to mention a few. The courses under the program will help attaining contemporary skills required for high demand jobs especially for the unemployed educated youth. Most of the potential jobs through this program can be performed remotely from home, thus the training program is very advantageous for women to benefit from it. The program is aimed at creating job opportunities for students from COMSATS Member States, contributing to their respective national economies. Furthermore, the program is expected to reduce import in IT sector significantly, and hence, saving valuable foreign exchange for the countries.

In addition to technical skills, the SELECT program will teach employability skills to prepare learners to succeed in a professional environment. Highly competent and experienced trainers from industry will conduct the training courses and teach the participants to think critically, plan and build multi-level projects, and communicate effectively. 

Initially, following four (4) training courses have been selected for the first phase of the program.

The course aims at skills development program that prepares learners for careers in the cloud. Through scenario based learning and hands-on labs, learners gain the technical skills they need for entry-level cloud roles. The course mission is to build a diverse pipeline of entry-level cloud talent. The course helps individuals build skills from Linux System Administration to AWS Core Services and covers foundational introduction of Cloud concepts as the advantages of Cloud Technologies, key technologies offered through the Cloud (Computing, Storage, Networking, Security, and Database) to basics of DevOps Engineering. The course targets to prepare the participant for Linux Foundation Linux System Administration and AWS Cloud Solution Associate exams. To assist in onboarding of professional job, a significant part of AWS Cloud DevOps Engineer is also included.

Information & Cyber Security (I&CS) course covers the fundamental concept of information security, network defense, penetration testing, platform hardening, IOT security, vulnerability analysis. This course prepares for career in I&CS. Participants will start from basic I&CS concept to develop their skills and work up to the higher level I&CS professional practices using Linux OS platform. The concepts covered in the training program are focused on knowledge-based training coupled with extensive hands-on application. Every tactic discussed in training is backed by step-by-step labs conducted in a virtualized environment with ltargets, tools, and vulnerable systems. Through our lab technology, every participant will have comprehensive hands-on practice to learn and apply their knowledge. The course targets to prepare the participant for Certified Network Defense of EC Council.

This course aims to teach development of professional level apps using Flutter being Google’s modern and free SDK allowing to write cross platform application both for desktop, web and mobile apps with the same code-base. This course enables the trainees to create fast and stunning mobile applications using Flutter. The course comprehensively covers everything from setting up development environment to deploying apps on Google Play store. The participants will learn about Dart programming language, Firebase for backend development and Figma for UI design. This course takes you from an absolute beginner to being able to release professional quality apps. The course targets to prepare the participant for Flutter Certified Application Developer Certification exam (AFD-200) of Android ATC.

The course participants will learn to utilize the Unity Game Engine and the powerful C# scripting language to develop amazing and polished games. This course requires no past experience with Game development, Unity or programming experience. All contents of the course are thoroughly explained with detail. Through this course, students will explore various aspects and features of game development. The material starts from the fundamentals of game development and gradually build up to more advanced techniques and features. The skills learned through the course are highly transferable, setting the foundations to allow learning various other aspects of game development. Through the duration of the course, various industrial tools will be covered to prepare students for industrial employment. The course targets to prepare the participant for Unity Certified Associate Game Developer and Certified Associated Programmer exams.

Subsequently, other technologies will be added in next phases of the SELECT program.

Each Course will have following specifications:

  • Eligibility Criteria: Final Year Students / Graduated of BS in Information Technology, Computer Sciences, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering and other related fields.
  • Selection will be done on Merit based on academic qualification and computerized online screening test to be held on proctored examination system on iqrasity Testing Service (ITS) [A component of an indigenously developed LMS by Khastech Solutions].
  • 3x months (13 Weeks)
  • Class Duration: 4 Hours (1 Hr Lecture + 3 Hrs Lab work)
  • Classes per week: 3
  • The training program fee is USD 250/-