Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS)



Mission Statement: To help create a world where all nations are at peace with one another and capable of providing a good quality of life to their populations in a sustainable way, using modern scientific and technological resources.

Objectives: As derived from the Statutes of the Commission, the mission of COMSATS has been translated into the following broad objectives:

  • To sensitize the countries in the South to the centrality of science and technology in the development process, to the adequate resource allocation for research and development, and to the integration of science and technology in the national and regional development plans;
  • To support the functioning and activities of the Network of International Science and Technology Centres for Sustainable Development in the South, established at the foundation meeting of the Commission;
  • To support other major initiatives designed to promote indigenous capacity in science and technology for science-led sustainable development, and to help mobilise long-term financial support from international donor agencies and from Government/Institutions in the North and the South to supplement the financing of international scientific projects in the South;
  • To provide leadership and support for North-South and South-South cooperative schemes in education, training and research, such as the proposal to set up programmes of scholarships for research at centres of excellence in the South; and
  • To support the relevant programmes and initiatives of major scientific organizations working for the development and promotion of science and technology in the South.