Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS)

The Consultative Committee

The Consultative Committee of COMSATS comprises of the national “Focal Points”, which are the designated relevant Ministries of Member States of COMSATS. The Focal Point of the Member State hosting COMSATS Secretariat is the ex-officio Chairperson of the Committee. The Committee is empowered to make decisions on all matters affecting the Commission and the Network, in the light of policy guidelines adopted by the General Meeting. The functions of the Consultative Committee as defined in the Statutes of COMSATS are:
  • To coordinate and supervise all affairs of the Commission and, in particular, those concerning the programmes and finances of the Commission;
  • To appoint, as it deems necessary, temporary and standing committees to facilitate the functioning of the Commission;
  • To formulate the general policy of the Network;
  • To assist in the fund raising efforts of individual members of the Network, at the national, regional and global levels; and
  • To assist in the establishment of new members of the Network and in facilitating the upgrading of institutions recommended for membership.