Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS)

The Ambassador of Poland to Pakistan visits COMSATS Secretariat

The Ambassador of Poland to Pakistan visits COMSATS Secretariat

On August 20, 2018, the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, H.E. Mr. Piotr Opalinski, called on the Executive Director at the COMSATS Secretariat.

The Executive Director started the conversation by highlighting the classic architecture of Warsaw University and the number of Mathematicians and scientists Poland has produced. Also present during the meeting were other senior officials of COMSATS including Ambassador (R) Fauzia Nasreen who delineated the benefits of joining COMSATS and how Poland can become a member or have an Institution can attached as a Centre of Excellence.


Thanking for this opportunity to learn about COMSATS, the Polish Ambassador informed them of his own association with Warsaw University of Oriental Studies. He mentioned that Poland was more focused towards Europe and wanted to join EU because of its colonial past. But now the focus has also shifted towards East as a policy matter. Poland enjoys a significant place in Europe due to its strategic location in the centre of Europe. Poland, he noted, wishes to have cordial relations with everyone on equal basis.

He informed the participants of the meeting that Polish people had been to this part of the world when the British had invaded India. He explained the historical aspect of this past association which is still remembered. He further informed that Polish academicians have also visited Pakistan in Punjab University and Islamic University.

The Ambassador expressed hope of partnering with COMSATS and establishing useful contacts with its Centres of Excellence. Dr. Zaidi handed over the invitation to join COMSATS as a membership and other relevant documents to the ambassador and thanked him for coming.