Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS)

Startup Founder Workshop for Women

Startup Founder Workshop for Women

COMSATS in collaboration with the American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS) and the Inter University Consortium for the Promotion of Social Sciences Arts and Humanities (IUCPSS) organized a Startup Founder Workshop on “How to Build Successful Team and Businesses”, at COMSATS Secretariat, on 3rd March 2020.

The Workshop was conducted by US-based certified Scrum trainer and Agile coach, Ms. Cathy Simpson, and had the participation of over 50 female students and faculty members from different universities of Pakistan. The session covered various aspects of Scrum training and Agile manifesto along with techniques for improving team efficiency and management.

In her training, Ms. Simpson discussed contemporary market trends and shared with the trainees some key attributes of a successful start-up. She highlighted the need of technical knowledge and soft skills development for the success of entrepreneurial ventures. According to her, team work, sound leadership, trust, effective planning and timely testing are essentials for better product development.

Elucidating on various aspects of agile methodology in this connection, Ms. Simpson emphasized on targeted customers, outcome efficiency and sustainable value deliverance important for its adaptation. She also impressed upon the need to promote entrepreneurial culture and stated that STEM education is important for enabling the culture of innovation, inculcating analytical thinking and increasing science literacy.