Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS)


Royal Scientific Society (RSS), Jordan


RSS is the largest applied research institution, consultancy, and technical support service provider in Jordan, and is a regional leader in the fields of science & technology. RSS was established in 1970, aiming to be the local and regional reference point of knowledge for science and technology, using modern engineering research as a base to empower economic development and social progress. The strength of scientific human resources at RSS is 205, out of which 11 hold Ph.D.

Focus Areas:

The focus research areas of RSS are: Water; Environment; Energy; Construction and Sustainable Buildings; Information and Communication Technology; and Applied Scientific Research.


RSS’ Testing Centre is a leader in providing analytical testing services for the private and public sector. For over 45 years the Centre has been providing a wide scope of chemical and physical testing for food, environment, industrial, mechanical, electrical, construction materials, and industrial products. RSS laboratories are accredited by national and international agencies such as United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS), and Jordan Accreditation Services (JAS) according to ISO-17025 in order to produce reliable scientific results for both the private and public sectors. RSS provides its testing services through the following main divisions: Chemical Laboratories, Construction & Material Laboratories, Mechanical Laboratories, Industrial Laboratories, Environmental & Food Laboratories, and Electrical Consumer Products services.


RSS has expertise in the following areas: turning Industrial Wastewater to Wealth-biodegradable Plastics; Investigation of Ready Mix Concrete Performance Utilizing Recycled Waste Water; Investigation of Novel Materials to Purify and Store Green Hydrogen Utilized in Powering Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell Stacks; Dry Sanitation: Towards Empowering Jordanian Local Communities in Water Demand Management; Arab Fuel Cell and Multi-Purpose Electrolyzer Powered by Solar Energy; and Low Temperature Retorting of Jordanian Oil Shale.

Looking for:

RSS is looking for research collaborations in: the use of leap software for climate change mitigation; IPCC 2006 guidelines – to prepare greenhouse gases inventory; geothermal application for heating and cooling; secure web application; ground water modeling; occupational health and safety; and accreditation for ambient air quality measurements (USEPA guidelines).


Collaboration with other Centres

Royal Scientific Society (RSS), Jordan is willing to collaborate with other Centres in conducting certified trainings in the following fields: Climate Change (modelling and projection, vulnerability assessment, tools and software for climate change assessment, adaptation, agriculture and water) and mitigation and seismology (landslides hazard, investigation and mitigation; and landfills hazard, investigation and mitigation).


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