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National Mathematical Centre (NMC), Nigeria


NMC was established in 1989 for developing appropriate initiatives and resources of international standing for re-awakening and sustaining interest in the Mathematical Sciences and their applications at all levels of the Nigerian education system. NMC has a vision to become a world-class Centre of Excellence, for research and training in mathematical sciences, capable of promoting the development and socio-economic impact of mathematical sciences in Nigeria, as well as using these to solve important scientific and technological problems. The current workforce of NMC is 200, out of which 20 hold Ph.D, 58 hold M.Sc., and 36 hold B.Sc. degrees that receive technical support from a staff of 20 individuals.

Focus Areas:

NMC conducts training programmes in the fields of Mathematics; Theoretical Physics; Computer Science; and Statistics.


NMC has a Computer Laboratory, which provides computational support for research scientists and visiting scholars.


NMC has expertise in mathematical modeling and simulation of air and water pollution. NMC has also designed innovative Mathematics Kits to inculcate numeracy culture in Nigerian students. Moreover, Mathematics Improvement Programme (MIP) has been developed to enhance the performance of students in Mathematics of students in public examinations and is based upon a “Student-Teacher-Friendly” teaching methodology for better teaching and learning of Mathematics in schools.

Looking for:

NMC is looking for collaborations to develop a Simulation Laboratory with Supercomputer facilities.


Collaboration with other Centres

  • COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), Pakistan: In September 2017, Professor Dr. Moiz ud Din Khan, Chairperson Department of Mathematics CUI, visited NMC to discuss areas of partnership among both Centres. During his visit, Prof. Moiz has identified multiple areas of common interest to accelerate the bilateral cooperation on joint research projects, particularly in the area of Mathematics. During meetings, both sides expressed their strong desire to further nourish the existing CUI’s scholarship-based training programs and the post-doctoral fellowship opportunities for the Nigerian students. Availing his presence, Prof. Moiz also delivered lecture to the students from Nigerian Universities.
    Likewise, in January 2018, Prof. Dr. Stephen E. Onah, Director/ Chief Executive, NMC visited CUI. Prof. Raheel Qamar, Rector CUI, showed interest to provide expertise of CUI in fields of Mathematics, E-Learning, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Physics and Computer Science. Furthermore, the two institutions agreed to enhance cooperation in the following areas: fellowship / scholarship opportunities, Accessibility of CUI Virtual Campus to NMC, joint online conferences, e-library, research based visits, and joint research projects.
    During the visits, it was noted that CUI is participating in COMSATS ITRG on Mathematical Modeling being led by NMC. The two centres pledged to use this form to initiate joint research project in the field of common interest.


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