Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS)

New Batch of Interns Joins COMSATS

New Batch of Interns Joins COMSATS

The orientation programme for ten new foreign interns to join COMSATS was held on 1st November 2017. These interns that belong to Nigeria and Ethiopia are pursuing their degrees in Masters (Biosciences) and Ph.D (Computer Science, Engineering, Biosciences, Mathematics), and post-doctoral (Biosciences and Physics) programmes and research in postdoctoral programmes.

The programme started with introduction of these research interns to the officials of the COMSATS Secretariat. This was followed by speech delivered by Dr. Abdul Aziz Khan, Advisor-International Affairs, who informed the interns of the action plan, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and the rationale behind internships. Dr. Aziz also discussed the importance of interns in the organization. He mentioned that the role of the intern students would basically be of ambassadorial nature where they will represent and work for their countries while sitting in the COMSATS Secretariat.

During the session, four presentations were made to acquaint the interns with COMSATS’ organizational structure, mandate, and involvement with international organizations. Mr. Farhan Ansari, Senior Assistant Director, Programmes, in his presentation, introduced COMSATS and its statutory bodies, and discussed its mandate and vision. Ms. Huma Baloch, Senior Assistant Director, Programmes, gave a lucid presentation on the expansion of COMSATS’ membership. She also presented the capacity building events of COMSATS and the COMSATS Network of International Centres of Excellence. Mr. Tajammul Hussain, Advisor Programmes, discussed in detail various opportunities available for Member States and a brief history of COMSATS over the past 23 years.

A presentation on the emerging trends in COMSATS was given by Dr. Kamran Jehangir Advisor, COMSATS. He spoke eloquently on the challenges which are faced by COMSATS and the ways in which it can charter its way forward. Ms. Farhana Saleem, Senior Publications and Communication Officer, introduced the interns to various publications and information dissemination tools of COMSATS and their significance with regard to the mandate of organization.

The orientation was concluded with a session questions, answers, discussion and networking session. The students asked questions relating to various activities of COMSATS and its membership and pledged to contribute their due share to help COMSATS achieve its objectives.