Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS)

Muslims and Scientific Inventions

In modern day and age of science and technology with an unprecedented pace of innovations and inventions, most of the onus of such developments is attributed to the Occident, resulting in disproportionate credit of the wonders and spirit of knowledge historically gained and utilized for the benefit of mankind.

A number of modern day inventions have their origins in the works of a number of Muslim scientist and scholars, who had spent their lives acquiring and spreading knowledge of the physical world as devout Muslims encouraged by the Islamic teachings that place learning and knowledge acquisition as one of their prime pursuits.

Not a common knowledge, research work and practices of Muslims, from principles of flight to effective ways of achieving hygiene numerous, are the source of societal practices and scientific inventions with a bearing on human quality of life. This reflects in Philosophy, History, Education, Mathematics, Aeronautics, medicine, food, geography, Physics and a number of other hard and social sciences.

Here is some information on Muslim scientists and their inventions that have enriched over centuries and have a strong mark on and relevance for the modern world.

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