Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS)

Meeting between COMSATS and FACE Paves the Way for a Potential MoU on Food Security

Meeting between COMSATS and FACE Paves the Way for a Potential MoU on Food Security

COMSATS and the Food Security & Agriculture Center of Excellence (FACE), Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited, held a meeting on 2nd October 2023, at COMSATS Headquarters to discuss a potential Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at addressing critical food security challenges in member countries, particularly in Pakistan.

The meeting was attended by Ambassador Dr. M. Nafees Zakaria, Executive Director of COMSATS, Mr. Hasan Akram, Chief Operating Officer of FACE, Mr. Hamid Majid, Manager Outreach and Partnership of FACE, and Dr. Mehwish Durani, Additional Director (Head CCCS) of COMSATS.

The meeting emphasized the need for a coordinated approach to address the critical challenge of food security affecting communities locally and globally. The proposed MoU signifies the commitment of both organizations to combat the growing issue of food insecurity, exacerbated by multifaceted challenges such as the ongoing pandemic, global warming, extreme weather patterns, conflicts, and socioeconomic disparities. The collaboration aims to leverage the expertise and resources of both COMSATS and FACE to develop technology-driven solutions and promote climate-smart agricultural practices.

The proposed MoU underscores; Enhancing Food Security, Capacity Development, Knowledge Sharing, Collaborative Research, and Policy Research & Advocacy. The potential MoU aims to streamline collective efforts, enhance resource mobilization, and foster innovation to achieve sustainable food security goals. Representatives expressed their eagerness to engage in continued dialogue, recognizing the immense potential that lies in collaborative efforts to address the intricate challenges surrounding food security. The discussions also underscored the alignment between academia, innovation, and the industrial sector, identifying these as pivotal factors in creating sustainable solutions to food security.

The meeting concluded with a unanimous agreement to engage in comprehensive research, innovative projects, advocacy, and community engagement as well as finalize the formulation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to solidify collaboration and delineate specific actions.