Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS)

Liaison Officer Al-Quds University Visits COMSATS Secretariat

Liaison Officer Al-Quds University Visits COMSATS Secretariat

Prof. Dr. Radwan F. H. Qasrawi, Researcher, Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, Al-Quds University, Palestine, paid a visit to COMSATS HQs to pay a courtesy call to honourable Executive Director COMSATS, Dr. S. M. Junaid Zaidi. The meeting was held in presence of other relevant officials of COMSATS Secretariat. Prof. Qasrawi is serving as COMSATS’ Liaison Officer at Al-Quds University (Palestine), which is a Centre of Excellence of COMSATS. He was present in Islamabad in order to attend a workshop related to Techno-parks at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), Islamabad.

During the meeting, matters related to collaboration between COMSATS and Al-Quds University were discussed. Prof. Qasrawi requested COMSATS to facilitate the capacity building of Al-Quds university by helping to ensure PhD scholarships for its faculty members. In response, Dr. Zaidi pledged to facilitate about 100 scholarships in Pakistani universities, including CIIT and ICCBS. He encouraged Prof. Qasrawi to send a detailed proposal in connection to his request, which may be submitted to some international donor agencies for potential funding.

Prof. Qasrawi also requested COMSATS to facilitate in the establishment of Technology Incubation Centre at Al-Quds University, for which Dr. Zaidi pledged his support. Dr Zaidi also advised Prof. Qasrawi to visit the incubations centres at COMSATS Internet Services (CIS) as well as CIIT. It was informed by Prof. Qasrawi that the honourable President of Al-Quds University is also planning to visit COMSATS HQs and CIIT soon, in order to explore opportunities of collaboration.

Subsequent to the meeting, the visit of Prof. Qasrawi to CIS was arranged, during which he was shown the Incubation Centre and Telehealth facilities operational at CIS.