Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS)


Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST), Iran


IROST was founded in 1980, with the aim of providing support to Iranian researchers, inventors and industrialists across the country. This organization provides valuable services in fulfilling the country’s scientific, technical and engineering requirements by supporting applied and developmental research, as well as developing new technologies by making use of qualified experts and modern equipment and facilities. IROST has academic staff of 135 and technical support staff of 158.

Focus Areas:

The focus research areas of IROST are: Advanced Material & Renewable Energies; Advanced Technologies; Agriculture; Biotechnology; Chemical Technologies; Electronics & Computer; and Mechanical Engineering.


IROST has various laboratories, including Internal Combustion Engine Laboratory; Fuel and Combustion Laboratory; Ultrasonic Wind Tunnel Laboratory; Hydraulic and Pneumatic Laboratory; Vibration Laboratory; Pump and Turbine Laboratory; Fan Testing Laboratory; Laboratory of Mechanics of Materials; Prototyping Laboratory, etc.


IROST has expertise in Advanced and Nano Materials; Corrosion and Surface Engineering; Renewable Energy; Animal, Poultry & Aquatic Sciences; Biosystems Engineering; Medicinal Plants; Plant Production and Sustainable Agriculture; Semi-commercial Production of Lactic Acid, Probiotics and Starter Cultures; Application of Biotechnological Methods in Oil Industries, including Biosurfactants (Emulsifiers) and Biological Solutions; Green Biofuel Production; Enzyme Production for Application in Clinical Diagnosis Kits; Recombinant Protein Production; Bioethanol Production from Lignocellulotic Materials; Aerospace Engineering; Energy Productivity and Utilization; Machine Design and Mechatronics; Communication & Space Technologies; Medical Engineering; Energy and Industrial Automation; and Information Technology and Intelligent Systems. The IROST has offered 7 PhD scholarships (4 fully paid and 3 partially paid (50%)) and five-post-doctoral fellowships for COMSATS Member States.

Looking for:

IROST is looking for research collaboration in the fields of Water Desalination; Halal Food Standardization; Health Research; Aerodynamic Research; Herbal Medicine Research; Policy and Diplomacy; and Medical Technology.


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