Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS)

Highlights from COMSATS Telehealth (CTH)

Highlights from COMSATS Telehealth (CTH)

On 4th July 2022, H.E. Mr. Agha Hassan Baloch, Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Government of Pakistan, inaugurated three Basic Health Units (BHUs) at Village Aid Quetta, Ashkan Rodani Mastung, and Rokjo Noshki districts. Also present on the occasion was Mr. Nasir Jamal Khan, Chief Operating Officer at COMSATS Internet Services (CIS). The ceremony was also witnessed by locals, government officials, DSM, DHO, Assistant Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of the respective districts.

The Federal Minister appreciated the efforts of CIS for setting-up of new telehealth clinics in these remote areas for benefitting less-privileged communities. On the occasion, Mr. Jamal briefed the Minister about COMSATS Telehealth undertakings and informed that over thousands of patients have benefitted from teleconsultations provided by CTH resource Centre in Islamabad through these BHUs.

On 26th August 2022, Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Memon, Executive Director COMSATS and Federal Secretary at Ministry of Science and Technology Government of Pakistan, visited COMSATS Telehealth (CTH) Resource Centre housed at COMSATS Internet Services (CIS) Technology Park. It was the maiden visit of Dr. Memon since his assumption of the office of Executive Director COMSATS on interim basis in June 2022.

Dr. Memon was shown around various facilities of CTH Resource Centre and was briefed about the equipment being used for the teleconsultations. Doctors working to provide teleconsultations to the patients at BHUs in Baluchistan were also introduced by Mr. Nasir Jamal, Chief Operating Officer of CIS. Dr. Memon took great interest in the operations of the Resource Centre and considered the system a beneficial tool for providing healthcare to people in remote communities of Pakistan.

Dr. Azeema Fareed, Additional Director, Health at COMSATS Secretariat and In-charge COMSATS Telehealth Programme, emphasized the need to replicate this service in other provinces of Pakistan under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of S&T. She also shared the benefits of emulation of such system in other Member States of COMSATS.