Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS)

ED COMSATS Participates in Digital Technology Event of COP28

ED COMSATS Participates in Digital Technology Event of COP28

The Executive Director COMSATS, Amb. Dr. M. Nafees Zakaria, participated in COP28 Dubai event on “Digital Technology and AI for Carbon Neutrality” at China Pavilion as Special Guest Speaker.

Speaking to the august gathering, Amb Zakaria introduced COMSATS as an organization created as realization of the vision of the renowned Pakistani scientist, Prof Abdus Salam. He underscored the overarching objective of COMSATS being the S&T-led sustainable development of countries through sharing and exchange of scientific resources and knowledge. The organization, he informed, derives its scientific and technological strength from its international network comprising of centres in a number of scientific fields important for development of member states, and developing countries, in general.

Of special interest to the Pavilion was the information about China being one of the founding members, resulting in a long haul association of 29 years with the organization. He appreciated China’s valuable contribution to COMSATS’ growth over the years, in both financial (through Annual Membership Contribution) and technical terms. Apart from the cooperative work and exchanges with other member states and institutions through a number of means, two Chinese institutions are active participants of COMSATS Network: International Center for Climate and Environment Sciences (ICCBS), Beijing, and Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology (TIB), Tianjin.

Dr. Zakaria laid special emphasis on the role of IT in development as a remover of geographical barriers. He noted that IT and its applications have made ingress into every aspect of human life, especially evident from the exponential growth in IT applications and digitalization during COVID 19. The former High Commissioner of Pakistan to UK, Dr. Zakaria especially cited a practical example of the Kingdom where 70% businesses have gone digital with widespread remote work. He also delineated the rapidly growing AI trends that have become relevant in almost every field. In the field of medical, he remarked, AI applications are helping in diagnostics of diseases, forecasts, precision medicines, R&D, and so on.

Guest Speakers from China, the United States, Caribbean States, and IGOs shared also their expert views and analyses with the learned audience at the Pavilion.