Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS)


COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), Pakistan


CUI was founded in 1998 with the establishment of its first campus in Islamabad, Pakistan. The University has now become a major public-sector university with fully functional campuses in 7 cities of Pakistan, as well as a virtual campus. Currently, it has an enrolment of more than 36,000 students with more than 3,200 qualified faculty members. CUI was ranked at Number one in Pakistan in TIMES Higher Education (THE) World Universities Rankings 2016-17.

Focus Areas:

CUI offers 97 under-graduate and graduate degree programmes in the following areas: Accounting and Finance; Architecture; Bioinformatics; Biosciences; Biotechnology; Business Administration; Chemical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Computer Engineering; Computer Science; Development Studies; Earth Sciences; Economics; Education; Electronics; Electrical Engineering; Electronics Engineering; Environmental Sciences; Fine Arts; Information Security; Power Engineering; Project Management; Renewable Energy Engineering; Telecommunication Engineering; Mathematics; Mechanical Engineering; Physics; Psychology; Pharmacy; Public Administration; Telecommunication and Networking.


CUI has over 270 Laboratories covering the areas of electrical engineering, computer science, health informatics, biosciences, meteorology, physics, civil engineering, environmental sciences, chemistry, pharmacy, earth sciences, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, etc. Moreover, CUI has following 10 Research Centers for: Advanced Studies in Telecommunication; Interdisciplinary Research in Biomedical Materials; Professional Development; China Study; Policy Studies; Business Incubation; Climate Research and Development; Executive Development; Advance Drug Research; and Energy Research.


CUI has expertise in various fields of science and technology, including Telecommunications; Biomedical Materials; Climate Research and Development; Advance Drug Research; Energy Research, etc. CUI offers 100 graduate studies scholarships and 10 post-doctoral fellowships, annually, to COMSATS Member States.

Looking for:

CUI is looking for research collaborations in the fields of electrical engineering, computer science, health informatics, biosciences, meteorology, physics, civil engineering, environmental sciences, chemistry, pharmacy, earth sciences, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, etc.


Collaboration with other Centres

  • The National Mathematical Centre (NMC), Nigeria: In September 2017, Professor Dr. Moiz ud Din Khan, Chairperson Department of Mathematics CUI, visited NMC on the invitation extended by Prof. Dr. Stephen E. Onah, Director/ Chief Executive NMC. During his visit, Prof. Moiz has identified multiple areas of common interest to accelerate the bilateral cooperation on joint research projects, particularly in the area of Mathematics. During meetings, both sides expressed their strong desire to further nourish the existing CUI’s scholarship-based training programs and the post-doctoral fellowship opportunities for the Nigerian students. Availing his presence, Prof. Moiz also delivered lecture to the students from Nigerian Universities. Likewise, in January 2018, Prof. Dr. Stephen E. Onah, Director/ Chief Executive, NMC visited CUI. Prof. Raheel Qamar, Rector CUI, showed interest to provide expertise of CUI in fields of Mathematics, e-Learning, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Physics and Computer Science. Furthermore, the two institutions agreed to enhance cooperation in the following areas: fellowship / scholarship opportunities, Accessibility of CUI Virtual Campus to NMC, joint online conferences, e-library, research based visits, and joint research projects. During the visits, it was noted that CUI is participating in COMSATS ITRG on Mathematical Modeling being led by NMC. The two centres pledged to use this form to initiate joint research project in the field of common interest.
  • National Research Centre (NRC), Egypt: During COMSATS 21st Coordinating Council meeting, CUI and NRC have signed a MoU for achieving common objectives through collaboration in Research and Development.
  • Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (KazNU): Memorandum of Cooperation between CUI and KazNU was signed during COMSATS’ 21st Coordinating Council meeting in April 2018. The Memorandum is to provide the basis for the exchange of staff, scholars, students, academic information and materials in the belief that academic and research processes at both educational institutions would be enhanced and that mutual understanding between their respective faculty, scholars, staff and students would be increased by establishing different exchange programs.
  • Collaboration with Other Centres of Excellence: CUI, during COMSATS 21st Coordinating Council meeting, has pledged to initiate collaboration in the field of cyber security, as well as to organize scientific events in collaboration with other Centres.


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