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COMSATS Participates in the ‘Stakeholders Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation Policy – 2010’

COMSATS Participates in the ‘Stakeholders Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation Policy – 2010’

The Stakeholders Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (STIP) – 2010 was held by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST), Government of Pakistan, on April 28, 2011, in Islamabad, Pakistan. The Conference was presided over by the Minister for Science and Technology, H.E. Mr. Changez Khan Jamali. Apart from the Federal Secretary and other senior officials of MoST, the Conference was attended by various stakeholders of the recently drafted Policy, including representatives of various Federal and Provincial Ministries, Government Departments, and public R&D organizations of Pakistan.

The Conference was convened in order to receive feedback from STIP – 2010 stakeholders, prior to its submission to the Federal Cabinet of Pakistan. The said draft was earlier circulated to all the stakeholders for their consideration. This draft Policy was prepared by the Pakistan Council for Science and Technology under advice of a Review Committee constituted by the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2009.

The proceedings of the event comprised Introductory Remarks by the Federal Secretary MoST; Inaugural Address by the Federal Minister; a Presentation on ST&I Policy by the Executive Director COMSATS; and an Open Discussion Session.

In his Inaugural Address, the Federal Minister accentuated the need for addressing challenges relating to socio-economic progress, through advancement in scientific research and development. He highlighted the S&T-led initiatives of his Ministry in terms of capacity-building of the S&T/R&D organizations, initiation of new projects aimed at socio-economic development, and promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation in the country. He also pledged a special focus on I.T, healthcare, agriculture, nanotechnology and biotechnology on part of his Ministry. Earlier, emphasizing the importance of preparing a new National STIP, the Federal Secretary recalled the stages the Policy document underwent over the last couple of years and hoped for meaningful deliberations during the working session, leading to further refinement of the draft Policy.

The Executive Director COMSATS gave a detailed presentation on various technical aspects of the draft Policy and answered the queries and comments of the participating stakeholders. Moreover, he asserted that the success of STIP would depend on its effective implementation and monitoring, for which a number of improvements in the existing planning and management structure of Science and Technology have been proposed.

The Conference achieved its objectives as inputs from all the stakeholders were collected for possible incorporation in the draft Policy by the Review Committee. In this regard, recommendations of the stakeholders would be formed on the basis of the discussions captured by three appointed rapporteurs, as well as the comments and suggestions given by the participants on a prescribed proforma.