Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS)


International Centre for Physics (CIF), Colombia


CIF was established in 1985 with the support of Abdus Salam, International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP). CIF is a pioneer in fields related to Science and Technology legislation, creation of research entities, promotion of science, relationship-building between academia and industry, and the creation of high-tech industries.

Focus Areas:

CIF offers basic and applied research and advisory services to the production sector in areas such as: Electrophysiology; Molecular and Biochemical Biology; Plant Biotechnology; Industrial Biotechnology; Optical Measurement and Control Methods; Environmental Control; Industrial Instrumentation; Industrial Automation; Data Transmission and Processing; Optimization of Industrial Processes; and Security Systems.


CIF has laboratories and research groups in the following areas: Biophysics and Membranes Biology; Biophysics and Signal Transduction; Cell Neurophysiology; Environmental Biotechnology; Applied Physics and Technological Development; Nuclear Physics; Optics; Materials Science; and Classical Foundations of Physics.


CIF has a patent in Improved Leshmaniasis Treatment. Moreover, the Centre has developed the equipment for On-line Monitoring of Temperature and Current of High Voltage Transmission Lines; and Smart Grid for On- line Monitoring of Domestic Power Consumption. CIF also provides the following services: Precision Laser and Water Cutting Services for Industry; Production of Equipment for Electrical Industry; and Installation and Maintenance of Measuring Equipment.

Looking for:

CIF is looking for research collaborations in the fields of chip designing and 3D printing, as well as applications of nanotechnology in agriculture, particularly encapsulation of fertilizers and insecticides.


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