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COMSATS Holds Lecture to Observe World Cancer Day

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A lecture on “Applications of Radiations in Cancer Management” was organized by COMSATS on 2nd February 2021, to commemorate World Cancer Day. Held virtually, the lecture was delivered by Dr. Muhammad Sohaib, a nuclear medical specialist, currently serving as the Director of Nuclear Medicine & Oncology at Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC). The session was attended by officials from COMSATS’ Focal Ministries, Centers of Excellence, and COMSATS Secretariat.

Dr. Sohaib’s lecture focused on the use of radiations for diagnoses, staging and treatment of cancer. He detailed the various techniques and types of radiations employed in cancer therapy while also sharing a brief history of nuclear medicine. The role being played by 18 hospitals of PAEC across Pakistan to help realize “No one fights alone” goal was also highlighted by Dr. Shoaib.

The lecture was followed by Q&A session wherein Dr. Shoaib responded to queries relating to the use of molybdenum for nuclear medicine purposes; resolution of PET scanning; as well as COVID-19 impact on cancer patients’ care. Further, it was mentioned that training programmes and courses in the field of nuclear medicine are being offered for Pakistani and international students.