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1st Pak – IIASA Collaboration Group Meeting held at COMSATS Headquarters

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Pakistan’s National Member Organization of the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria, has recently established a Pak – IIASA Collaboration Group with Dr. Hasibullah, Advisor International Affairs COMSATS, as its Coordinator. The Group held its first meeting in COMSATS Headquarters on 19th May 2011. Ten experts from different fields relevant to socio-economic development in Pakistan and in other COMSATS’ member countries, participated in the meeting. Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad, N.I., H.I, S.I., Senior Advisor to the Planning Commission of Pakistan and IIASA Council Member, chaired the meeting.

The main objectives of the meeting were to discuss effective collaborative activities to be pursued with the assistance of IIASA. The priority areas decided were capacity-building, exchange of scholars and joint projects. Projects in the areas of poverty and equity, agriculture, climate change, water resource-management, energy and disaster risk-assessment were agreed to be prepared for IIASA’s collaboration. In this connection, three concept papers for joint projects have already been received from the concerned participants of the meeting, whereas more proposals are expected soon.

On this occasion, Dr. Imtinan Elahi Qureshi, Executive Director COMSATS, appreciated the initiative of Pak – IIASA Collaboration Group’s activities. He assured the meeting that COMSATS will continue to encourage the Group’s future work and would be happy to provide all possible facilities for this purpose at the COMSATS Headquarters.

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