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COMSATS’ Telehealth Services extended to Zhob, Balochistan

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COMSATS initiated its Telehealth Services in Zhob, Balochistan, with effect from 28th September 2011. As a part of COMSATS’ efforts to expand its Tele-health programme to enable greater access to medical specialists from the main cities/hospitals to the communities living in far-flung areas, COMSATS in collaboration with Human Development Foundation (HDF), has setup the first ever Telehealth Centre at Zhob, Balochistan, equipped with video-conferencing facility for ‘Live Tele-consultations’. The first Tele-health consultation, between Telehealth Resource Centre in Islamabad and the recently established Tele-health Clinic at the Community Health Centre (Zhob) of HDF, was carried out by medical specialists, Dr. Afaq Ahmad (Dermatology) and Dr. Ehsan-ul-Haq (Gastroenterology/General Medicine). A General Physician, a Lab In-charge and a local lady health visitor (LHV) at Telehealth Clinic coordinated the Tele-consultation in Zhob.

The Telehealth services between Islamabad and Zhob is now fully functional and patients can benefit from specialists’ consultation in the field of dermatology, gastroenterology and general medicine. A web-portal ( is available over wide-area network (WAN) to support patient registration; updating and maintenance of patients’ medical history, reports and basic examination; scheduling of appointments for patients with specialist doctors; information on diagnostic and treatments, etc.